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Story of Teresa / História da D. Teresa

Story of Teresa / História da D. Teresa


Meritorious Complements

Mrs. Teresa Barata had already made her contribution to Narra; in our inaugural editions from this past summer, we included a piece that had in it a lot of her work.

The Knot Bag had Mr. Manuel’s name and his was the largest contribution to the bag’s creation. However, as in most of Mr. Manuel’s accomplishments, Teresa lent a hand, her hand. In bringing these accessories to life, much like in raising their two children, Manuel and Teresa gave of themselves what they could. Together what they contribute has been more than enough to build a family,...

The Story of Rita / História da Rita

When we tried to get Rita to give us some material to write this story, she told us: "I think that thing of inspiration is just rubbish…” She never read a poem that had inspired her to draw a dress with a certain cut, or never heard a symphony that led to choose a pattern. Actually, when it comes to music, she recalled Bruce Springsteen during our conversation - apart from remembering his name, Rita enjoys when music is playing but often cannot remember who the artist...

The Story of Marias / História das Marias

Without stories, we are just like any other kind in the world, not that different from chimpanzees and very similar to a squid or a cuttlefish. By having stories, we become humans and people of complexity and dimension, which enabled us to be here today. There were certainly some ´cloudy days´, yet it is a story shared by all of us. If narratives are what make us human, then each of us have one story. With Narra we want to tell some of those stories through various means,...

The Story of the Two Friends / História das Duas Amigas

Two Friends

This is not a “Once Upon a Time” kind of story. Because if it was, we would have to go back 30 years until the day where it all started.
Let us start in the middle: at the time when this Two Friends already knew each other, had worked together and wanted to take a different turn on their lives, together.
One of them had the dream of working in fashion since she was little. The other one loves to put her hands to...

The Story of APPDA Artisans / História dos Artesãos da APPDA

The Story of APPDA Artisans / História dos Artesãos da APPDA

A story has to – by definition – be shared. It’s the shared experiences that transform a series of narrated events into a story.

Autism is characterized by a difficulty in relating to others and communicate. But a difficulty isn’t an impossibility and much of the struggle comes from parameters and channels of communication that we, the “non-autistic” involuntarily impose. We may be on different wavelengths and planes of consciousness, but these weave and crisscross. It’s at these intersection points that we can share experiences and trade stories, autistic or not. Maybe this exchange doesn’t happen within...