NARRA – Storytelling Hands

OUR PROMISE: NARRA is a Portuguese small-batch accessories brand produced with artisan methods. Combining the latest trends with exclusive handmade techniques is what makes our products' stories special.

About us

NARRA – storytelling hands

NARRA is the dream of two friends who later found a younger dreamer and, together, the 3 ladies present to their clients: fashion accessories handmade by the best artisans and artistsnational and international.

NARRA tells the stories of these artisans emphasizing the exclusivity behind each small batch product. The brand strikes to discover and fairly elevate the work of each creator.


  • Portuguese accessories brand with exclusive handmade products,
  • Promoting the hard work of artisans (national and international);
  • Designating fair prices,
  • Working with vulnerable populations,
  • Selling online.